NAVY MOMS ON LINE ( NMOL ) was started in March of 1998. A group of USS Kitty Hawk moms were posting to an AOL message board where other moms read their messages. The new moms along with the Kitty Hawk moms got together and that was the beginning of NMOL . Twelve moms of sailors on active duty in the U.S. Navy met in a chat room and thus was the beginning of this tradition.

NMOL was started and continues to be a support-based organization. We reach out to parents of sailors on active duty in the Navy but also embrace other members of the Navy family who play an important role in the support of our sailors. Grandparents, foster parents, aunts, uncles and others who have taken the responsibility for raising our sailors are welcome to join.

There are no dues or monies exchanged in
NMOL . We offer our support and our hearts to each other as we each progress through the many different stages of Navy life that our children experience. Here you will find a shoulder to lean on as well as the cheers and goodwill of those who revel in good news, promotions or homecomings.

Over the past four plus years
NMOL has undergone many changes and an incredible growth spurt. This is due to the love and compassion of those members who truly care about each other.

NMOL is the place for parents of active duty Navy sailors to ask questions, find answers and share in the lives of other families with children in the U.S. Navy. Fear of the unknown is one of the most difficult parts of being a Navy parent. With the assistance of other parents, we have found that KNOWLEDGE IS EMPOWERMENT . Share your happiness with good news about your sailors. Grab a shoulder to cry on if you need one. We are all "in the same boat" and understand. Members are the parents of recruits in RTC (Recruit Training Center), DEPers (Delayed Entrance Program), of sailors who have been in the Navy for many years or in the Navy Reserves. We have all levels of experience to draw upon. Don't be afraid to ask a question. No question is silly. Common sense guidelines for safety and security are in effect regarding postings. Remember "loose lips sink ships." Our sailor's safety is paramount and we tend to be overly cautious on our message boards, postings and emails.

NMOL is an all-volunteer organization. Welcome Aboard!!

If you wish to become a member of Navy Moms On Line , the original support group for navy moms, please go to Join NMOL and complete the form. You will be contacted once this information has been received and you will be given information on how to access our message boards and chat rooms. We have established a private forum on the web site to accommodate our members. Our group has over the last year moved all our discussions and information into this Delphi forum and we use this to communicate and support each other. Private chat rooms and message boards are available for members. Questions are answered, fears discussed and happiness celebrated. Please take the time to go to and register so that once you are a member of NMOL , we can also register you for entry into the Delphi Navy Moms On Line ( NMOL ) site. We will need to know your Delphi member name once you register with Delphi. If you already have a Delphi membership, please include your member name with the NMOL membership information requested at Join NMOL .

Emails can also be sent to
Dear Navy Moms with questions you may wish to ask.

We look forward to you joining us. Wishing you "Fair Winds & Following Seas"

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