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RTC GLAKES - Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL


RDC - Recruit Division Commander


Ricky - slang for a recruit


Ship - sailor's home at RTC


Geedunk - junk food, candy. Also the area or vending machines which hold these things


Grinder - large area, usually outside, used to practice marching


Service Week - usually week 5 (4-5) when recruits work outside of their normal area - food service, building maintenance, admin, etc


Battle Stations - Final evaluation of all skills learned at RTC


PIR - Pass in Review - graduation from RTC


NEX - Navy Exchange - Navy's version of department store


Ricky Heaven - Area operated at RTC as recreation/food area for the recruits.


Shipmate - A fellow sailor.


Example: The child you sent to RTC is now a Ricky. Instead of Mom, he talks about his RDC and his ship. He's managed to survive Service Week, and the Grinder, and Battle Stations. Now it's time for PIR. Afterwards you might spend some time in the NEX (cash/credit cards accepted) where you can buy all that neat Navy stuff. You can pick up some geedunk too. When you are done - walk over to Ricky Heaven. You and your new sailor can have some down time with his new shipmates.