RTC GLAKES - Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, IL

- Recruit Division Commander

- slang for a recruit

- sailor's home at RTC

- junk food, candy. Also the area or vending machines which hold these things

- large area, usually outside, used to practice marching

Service Week
- usually week 5 (4-5) when recruits work outside of their normal area - food service, building maintenance, admin, etc

Battle Stations
- Final evaluation of all skills learned at RTC

- Pass in Review - graduation from RTC

NEX - Navy Exchange - Navy's version of department store

Ricky Heaven
- Area operated at RTC as recreation/food area for the recruits.

Shipmate - A fellow sailor.

Example: The child you sent to RTC is now a " Ricky ." Instead of Mom, he talks about his RDC and his ship . He's managed to survive Service Week , and the Grinder , and Battle Stations . Now it's time for PIR . Afterwards you might spend some time in the NEX (cash/credit cards accepted) where you can buy all that neat "Navy" stuff. You can pick up some geedunk too. When you are done - walk over to Ricky Heave n. You and your new sailor can have some down time with his new shipmates.

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