CNO - Chief of Naval Operations

CINC - Commander in Chief (an area commander)

CO - Commanding Officer

XO - Executive Officer

DIVO - Division Officer

DIVOFF - same as above

LCPO - Leading Chief Petty Officer

LPO - Leading Petty Officer

CMC - Command Master Chief (senior enlisted at the command)

COB - Chief of the Boat (senior enlisted - normally refers to subs)

MAA - Master-at-Arms (Security - as in Police)

DAPA - Drug and Alcohol Program Administrator

CCC - Command Career Counselor

- Educational Services Officer

JAG - Judge Advocate General

Detailer - BUPERS staff who fill billets Navy-wide.

Ombudsman - Volunteers who act as "bridge;" between families and
the command. Can provide information and assistance to family members
(spouses, parents, children) to help navigate Navy life.

If your sailor is married, we recommend utilizing his/her spouse for
information via the Ombudsman. You are welcome to contact your sailor's
ombudsman - however please understand that these are spouses with families
as well - and keep this in mind when deciding if your issue could be
resolved in another fashion.

Carelines & Family Grams often are helpful for providing
information as well.

PAO - Public Affairs Officer - interfaces between a command
and the public.

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