Aye Aye - I understand

AWOL - Absent without Leave

Belay - To stop an action; disregard a previous order

Berth - A bunk; space assigned to a ship

Billet - Place or duty to which assigned

Bridge - Area of the ship from which it is operated

Brig - Jail

Bulkhead - A vertical partition in a ship

Carry On - To resume after an interruption

Captain's Mast - also NJP - punishment by CO; less than Court Martial

Chain of Command - the pyramid of responsibility

Chit - A request submitted in writing

Chow - Food

Colors - U.S. Flag - the act of raising/lowering

Crank'n - working out-of-rate in the Galley/Scullery

Deep Six - To throw overboard/away

Deck - horizontal division separating ship into layers - floor

Dog - Lever used to secure a water-tight door

DRB - Disciplinary Review Board

Dream Sheet - request submitted to Detailers with preference for
new duty station.
(Where you would like to go)

EAOS - End of Obligated Service

Field Day - Day devoted to general cleaning

First Lieutenant - Responsible in general for overall upkeep/cleanliness of a ship

Foxtail - Small hand brush used to sweep

Frocking - Event which allows a newly advanced sailor to wear his next stripe prior
to his actual date of advancement.

Green Meanie - Green scouring pad

Hard-Copy Orders - Transfer orders when issued (What you get)

Head - Compartment containing toilet facilities

Ladder - A flight of steps onboard a ship

LES - Leave and Earnings Statement - details record of pay

Leave - The equivalent of vacation time - 2.5 days/30 days earned.

Liberty - Sanctioned absence from ship for short time

Mess - Place where meals are taken (Galley/Mess/Chow)

Muster - Roll call

NCIS - Naval Criminal Investigative Service

NJP - Non-judicial Punishment

Overhead - Ceiling (technically space between ceiling and floor above)

Passageway - Corridor used for interior movement, a hall

POD - Plan of the Day - schedule of the day's routine

PRD - Projected Rotation Date - anticipated time of transfer

PRT - Physical Readiness Test

PSA/D - Personnel Support Activity/Detachment

Quarterdeck - The place to carry out official business

Rack - another word for bunk/berth

Relief - Person assigned to take over another's duties

Restriction - Used as punishment - limited movements/check-in

Secure - To make fast

Scuttlebutt - Rumors

Sea Daddy - A senior enlisted who acts as mentor

Ship Over - Re-enlist

Sick Bay - Medical Clinic or hospital facilities

Square Away - To put into proper order

Stow - To store or pack away

Swab - A mop, or to mop

TAD - Temporary Additional Duties

Tiger Cruise - Addition of family members to finish end of cruise

Turn to - To start working

UA - Unauthorized absence

UCMJ - Uniform Code of Military Justice

Working Party - Group assembled to performed tasks as assigned

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